Sae Power Lines


Power transmission & distribution is historically the most important business for SAE. The company has given a substantial contribution to the Italina power transmission development since the fifties, designing and building most of the 380 kV transmission lines for the national grid (ENEL), as well as working on innovative solutions such as the experimental 1,050 kV transmission line in Toscana and the compact 132 kV transmis­sion lines with a low environmental impact.
Overseas the company built lines ranging from 11 to 800 kV and acquired a wide experience in dealing with extra-HV lines ranging from 380 kV up to the 765 kV lines for ESKOM in South Africa.
EHV Direct Current lines where built since 1976 starting from the 1,400 km Cahora Bassa (Mozambique) at ±533 kV, up to the Greece-Italy interconnection 110 km at ±400 kV completed in 2002.
A deep knowledge of the design, manufacturing and application aspects of the main components (towers, insulators, conductors, electrical apparatus, manufacturing technologies and materials, …) allowed the company to become a world leader, building during its life more than 135,000 km of transmission lines.
The company’s portfolio includes:

  • EHV/HV/MV Alternate current Overhead Transmission Lines, with voltage fro 10 to 1,000 kV and particularly a wide experience on High Voltage between 110 and 500 kV
  • EHV/HV Direct current, mono/bipolar Overhead Transmission Lines, with voltage up to ±533 kV
  • Special crossing (rivers, sea, …) with spans up to 3,600 m and tower height up to 240 m
  • Towers with special foundations for water, sea, mountains, swamps, …
  • OHTL located in mountainous zones ( up to 3,000 m ),  marshes, jungle areas, ...
  • OHTL using guyed, lattice steel, tubular, ...  towers
  • OHTL equipped with multiphase circuits and/or innovative electrical configurations
  • Compact lines with low environmental impact, including flexible bi-dimensional towers
  • Special structures designed on request, with non-conventional material, insulators (composite, braced/post, ...), special conductors

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