Sae Power Lines


Milano, June 17, 1926. Company managers, lawyers and a public notary met to set up a new special purpose company to electrify the Bolzano-Brennero railway line, it was the birth of the SAE (Società Anonima Elettrificazione).
Despite the original agreement to windup of the company once the project had been completed, SAE was awarded other contracts and expanded its activities in Italy and abroad: it was the beginning of a long run all over the word in the electrification field, which goes on till today.


Works begin in the power transmission and distribution field: first power line built in Italy.
A new factory dedicated to steel structures manufacturing is established in Lecco. In the years it expanded employing up to 1,200 people for a capacity bigger than 120.000 ton/year.


First major project abroad: the 115 kV Arlberg transmission line in Austria.
A second factory for steel structure manufacturing is established in Naples to supply towers for the centre/south of Italy.
At the same time a new Tower Testing Station was set up in Lecco (one of the first in Europe).

1950 The "overseas activity" begins: important contracts are acquired in India, Greece, Australia, Canada, and in many countries in Africa and South America.

1951-58 Branches and sister companies are established abroad in order to better serve the local markets: SAE India, SBE (Brazil), EPT (Australia), SAELECTRIC (USA), Powerlines (South Africa), SVECA (Venezuela). These companies are often steel tower manufacturing.

1960-70 The years of the market expansion in Africa, Middle East, India, Far East, and USA. New industrial and civil sectors for EPC contracts and steel structures supply are opened.

1987 A factory for steel tower is established in Guangzhou (China) for local and export production.


SAE and SADELMI merge and, subsequently are acquired by the ABB group with  the name of “ABB Sae Sadelmi”.
Construction in Italy of an experimental 1,050 kV transmission line for ENEL (the national utility) and the Yellow River crossing in China.
The first “Low environmental impact, compact lines” in Italy are delivered by ABB Sae Sadelmi.

1990-00 Consolidation of the company's presence in the Middle and Far East, with the acquisition of major projects in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. The factories in Italy are closed while SAE maintains the leadership all over the world for the Power transmission turn-key (EPC) projects.

2005 ABB decides to exit the power lines business. The Italian unit is sold to a financial group under the name of SAE Power Lines.

2008 ATSL India (a company of the Gammon group) acquires the full control of SAE Power Lines.

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