Sae Power Lines


More than 80 years of continuous presence on the T&D market all over the world has given to SAE a unique knowledge and expertise.
The worldwide experience c during these years in more than 40 countries with its own key personnel, acting, developing and managing all activities, from the feasibility studies to the commissioning of the plant, allows SAE to be one of the leading companies in the power transmission and distribution market.

This know-how has been accumulated and transferred from generation to generation with a continuous technical and scientific updating of the state of art.
People are the key point of the company strength:  with a wide and consolidated international experience as well as a great knowledge of the most advanced technologies and methodologies, they can afford successfully the most difficult challenges thanks  also to the spirit of team and to an oriented mind to problems solving.

During its life, SAE has been involved in many innovative/large/complex projects like:


Electrification of the Bolzano-Brennero railway line, 98 km of double track.

1934 Electrification of the high speed “Direttissima” railway line from Bologna to Florence, 97 km of double track.


First major project abroad, the 115 kV Alberg transmission line in Austria.
In Italy is completed the 230 kV TL Sluderno-Stelvio in the Alpes, reaching the top height of 2,800 mt at the Stelvio pass.

1949  Major orders from Tata Power Company (India) for 220 kV OHTL.

1952  154 kV TL Bosphorus sea crossing (Turkey).

1955 Kariba Transmission System, realizzazione di 3 elettrodotti a 330 kV per un totale di 1.475 km in Rhodesia.

1955  The line linking Continental Italy to Sicily isle over the Strait of Messina (3,650 m single span) comes into operation: two crossing towers 225 m high were designed and installed.

1960   The 220 kV Elba crossing in Germany.

1974 Construction of two parallel ±533 kV DC transmission lines from Mozambique to South Africa covering a total length of about 2,800 kilometres.

1976 Construction of the first phase of the 400 kV Iraqi Supergrid.

1977 Construction in Iran of the 400 kV transmission line at Karun in the Zagros mountains, at altitudes of 3,000 meters.

1981 Venezuela, Orinoco river crossing with an 800 kV TL single span of 1,200 m, using towers 110 m tall.

1987 The 500 kV double circuit Pearl River crossing is built in China, using towers 240 m in height (the tallest in the world at the time) manufactured by the SAE.


Construction in Italy of an experimental 1,050 kV transmission line for ENEL (the national utility)
In China is completed the Yellow River crossing 500 kV double circuit with a 1,820 m span and towers 180 m in height .

1989 The first “Compact low impact” 132 kV line is supplied in Italy. It is a new concept bi-dimensional self-guyed transmission lines designed by SAE

1992 Venezuela, Orinoco the second river crossing 230 kV double circuit TL, with two spans of 2,161 and 2,537 m, using towers 240 m tall.

1993 Iran, Ghesm strait in the Persian Gulf, a sea crossing of a 230 kV double circuit line with two spans 1,016 and 1,585 m and towers 130 m in height. Central tower was positioned in the centre of the straight by means of an off-shore concrete pre-fabricated foundation.

1994-97 Consolidation of the company's presence in the Middle and Far East, with the acquisition of major projects in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

1998 Design of the Panama Channel crossing with a 230 kV double circuit TL single span of  1,149 m and towers 146 m in height.

1998-07 More than 220 km of “Compact low impact” 132 kV lines are built as feeding lines for the new “High Speed Railways Project” in Italy .

2000-03 Thailand, completion of the “Greater Bangkok Ring”, a network of 500 kV double circuit transmission lines with quadruple bundle conductor.

2002 Construction in Mexico of the 400 kV double circuit transmission lines Manuel Moreno Torres in Chiapas region with the Ranita isle crossing (1631 + 1408 m spans).

2005 Nigeria, overhead transmission line 330 kV double circuit with the Niger river crossing.

2000-09 More than 3,300 km of High Voltage transmission lines (220 -330 kV) are built in the last 10 years all over the world.


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